Summer 2017

In 2017 we made steady progress with small improvements, like tidying up the pathways and putting in new planters for more food growing space. We've also been working hard on designs for the garden, with help from LDA Design and have applied to several bigger funding pots to help realise the plans.

Summer 2016

In 2016, thanks to a Capital Cleanup grant and through working with Employee Volunteers, the Big Cleanup started in earnest. Three truck loads of rubbish were cleared.

December 2015

In December 2015 a Partnership Agreement was signed, the community had formerly adopted the site as their community garden.

Summer 2012

In 2012 some initial funding from the Crofton Park Ward Assembly cleared the site and installed two planters


In the 1980s/90s historic photos show that the site was not separated from the platform by railings. These came afterwards, enclosing the space as a separate space. The site also suffered from fly-tipping for many years, with mattresses, glass bottles and other rubbish found on site.


The site has always been open land, an elongated left-over piece of land from the construction of the railway.