Help Us Complete The Garden

Welcome to our crowdfunding page. We are proud to have raised funds through various grants so far. This has allowed us to start the structural landscaping works. We will continue to apply for others as we come across them.

However, we still need help to make the garden come alive. We are grateful for any contributions towards our funding target. This will help fund the planting, the benches, signage, tools, compost, etc etc. Some funding will also go towards ongoing maintenance costs such as putting on events, insurances, website maintenance etc. Please help us complete the picture...



raised of our £25,000.00 goal.

Your donations will help fund the following

Planting Scheme

The planting scheme is estimated at £7000. This will enable us to buy fairly mature plants and trees to make an instant inpact at the garden. It will help us complete different sensory habitats - the edible garden, the woodland, the grass meadow, the wildflower meadow, and the perennial colourful boarders.


Rabbit reading chair

Garden Furniture

The garden furniture is estimated to cost us around £6000. This will include benches and seats throughout the garden, a grand chair and mushroom stalls for the story telling area, an arbour, bird and insect boxes, some signage, acoustic art, among other things

Garden Shed

The coal-shed is in desperate need of repair to make it safe and useable. This will create extra storage space for all our garden tools. We only recently managed to gain access and inspect its status, so was not part of the originally costed works. The estimate to repair the structure is £4000.

Garden Tools

The garden will require ongoing maintenance and for this we need a number of garden tools for our volunteers to use. We require secateurs, loppers, hand tools, compost hot bin, mulching bin, first aid kit, etc, etc. We've estimated the garden tools to be about £2000.


We need to bring several tonnes of clean top soil for the garden. This will ensure we can grow edibles in the raised planters and create a healthy and happy medium for all the plants to thrive. We've estimated this to be about £2500.