Most injuries are easily prevented. Good gardening is safe gardening and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we garden in a safe way.

Please Do:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Risk Assessment and Garden Method Statement and notices at the garden notice board and undertake all volunteer duties in accordance with this.

  • Take note of the following hazards:

    • Buried broken glass on the banks near the station building

    • The sloping ditch along the platform waiting area

    • Trip hazards throughout the garden

    • The presences of bramble and other thorny vegetation

  • Pack away all tools at the end of each session back into the shed.

  • Report to the H&S coordinator - Ben Ray -

  • all injuries or near-misses incidences

  • any evidence of rats and other vermin immediately.

  • evidence of vandalism

  • If first-aid kit stocks are running low after each use.

  • Log ill injuries and near-misses into the log-book found in the shed.

  • Wear gloves at all times when handling soil and digging in the garden and long-sleeved shirts and trousers when pruning thorny plants.

  • Always use the safety goggles if using the grass strimmer and familiarise yourself with the instructions before each use.

Do Not:

  • No fuels or fuel-powered machinery to be left onsite.

  • Bag mixed materials into refuse bags. Keep all waste material bagged separately to allow the safe and sustainable disposal. All organic plant matter must be separate from soil and any material such as glass, cans, metals.

  • Overfill waste bags

  • Fill the compost bin with any invasive weeds or inorganic material.

  • Leave tools lying around after use, which could potential cause injury. Stow away into the shed.

  • Use pesticides and fertilisers without the explicit permission of the Garden Group committee. We operate an organic gardening principles and want to ensure our produce is free from chemicals.

  • Operate power tools without specific safety and handling training and supervision and permission of the lead gardener.

  • Leave the gate open after hours to avoid antisocial behaviour after dark.