The Garden Gets Some Furniture

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Back in March we launched our 'Donate Page' to help us fund some additional furniture and equipment for the garden. Thanks to 44 very generous donators we were able to raise £1,260 towards a number of items, such as composters, our garden arch and seat arbour, bigger shed and other equipment. A huge thank you to all who donated and made this possible!


We were then lucky enough to have two very generous offers for memorial benches. Our very own local community champion Jane Martin whose Crofton Park bags initiative raised money for local causes, contributed towards a memorial bench for Chef Rudi from Longhorn American Italian diner here in Crofton Park who sadly passed away earlier this year. Rudi was an amazing community ambassador, always helping local initiatives. The bench is a fitting permanent tribute to his community contribution. We will all miss him and Longhorn. The Piscina family contributed the rest for Rodolfo Piscina (1962-2019). His memory also lives on with the family's kind donations of a beautiful red rose bush and Hydrangea (look out for them when you take a seat at the bench!), and the star jasmin and wisteria near the station building.


And thanks to local resident Liz James and daughter Hannah Lewis our garden gets a second beautiful bench with the inscription Come to me ... and rest. The bench is a much welcomed addition following the completion of the landscape works. We hope many will come in to sit and rest while they enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the garden. Follow the link to read a short blog by Liz.


We hope over time that our fundraising events will allow us to continue to add seating and other necessary furniture and equipment to the garden, to make the garden more useable and easier to enjoy.


Remember to come in, sit.... and rest for a while....